The Music

Bachata is based on the guitar music, very popular in theDominican Republic. Though it is based on the flamenco rhythm, Bachata incorporated other types of music too: son, merengue, waltz, rancheta and even Argentine tango.

Bachata appeared in the marginal areas of the Dominican cities during the 50’s, the music was sung when people were coming home from a long day work. The instruments used were common objects that could be easily found in people’s back yards, including trash cans or fences.

In general songs’ subject is a one of romantic nature, being described feelings like sorrow or “the blues”.

The dance

Bachata is a sensual dance, being danced in couple, in closed or open position. In the beginning it was considered dirty and it was danced mainly in the poor areas.

In present there are many types of bachata, the most known are: Dominican bachata (traditional), popular bachata (danced in theUSandEurope), modern bachata and bachtango.

Dominican Bachata 

This is the traditional style of bachata danced in the 50’s. The basic step consists in a full 8 beats  sequence danced in a square shape. It can be danced in open position – allowing foot work or complex combinations or it can be danced in a romantic way, in closed position
Dominican bachata has various forms, being danced different form one region to another.

Popular bachata

It’s the most popular form of bachata, is usually danced in closed position with ample hip movement. It’s danced on 4 beats: three steps at the side and on the 4th count an accent is performed (it can be a hip movement or a tap) the same sequence is performed on the other side. The same steps can be performed on the front – back direction.

Modern bachata

The basic step is similar to the one from popular bachata, the difference consists in a crossed step instead of one of the side steps, this way the dance becomes more dynamic. During the dance can be executed complex combinations and turn patterns.


It’s a new style of bachata, which combines moves from bachata with the Argentine tango. The dance borrows  the closed embrace and footwork from tango and the hip movement from popular bachata, this way results a very sensual dance.