Rueda de casino

Rueda de Casino is a version of Casino (Salsa Cubana).

Rueda de Casino ancestors are French and Spanish court dances, the Minuet and the Contradanza. These dances got toCubain the XVIII century with the immigrants and military troupes.

Rueda de Casino became a national phenomena in the 1980’s, when Rosendo, dancer and choreographer for  “Ballet de la Television Cubana”, had an exhibition in the television show Para Bailar.

Rueda de casino is danced by two or more couples placed in a circular form; this is where the rueda (wheel in Spanish) comes from.

During the dance are executed combinations called by a leader, named “cantante”. In order to dance in a rueda it’s mandatory for the couple leaders to know all the combinations called by the “cantante”. Usually, the combinations are executed by the man, the woman represents the base and women maintain the round structure of the rueda.

The quality of a rueda it’s not given by the complexity of the combinations but by the knowledge of the “cantante”, combinations called must be cursive, must follow the music and have to make the dance a dynamic one. A good rueda leader can make up new combinations on the spot and is able to communicate them properly and in time to the dancers. If there are too many couples in the rueda, a smaller rueda can be created in the middle of the initial one.