Salsa Cubana

The Music

The “Salsa” term was used for the first time in the 60’s by Izzy Sanabria, graphic designer at Fania studios, to describe a music style resulted from combining the jazz with Cuban music.

In salsa you can find influences form other music styles

Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino is a version of Casino (Salsa Cubana).

Rueda de Casino ancestors are French and Spanish court dances, the Minuet and the Contradanza. These dances got toCubain the XVIII century with the immigrants and military troupes.

Rueda de Casino became a national phenomena in the 1980’s, when Rosendo, dancer and choreographer for  “Ballet de la Television Cubana”, had an exhibition in the television show Para Bailar.

Rumba Cubana

In Cuba, rumba is a generic term for several types of rhythms and the dances that accompany them

Cuban Rumba has its roots in the music brought by slaves from Africa and spanish colonists.

Rumba is more than a music style; it is the collective voice of Creole population in the island.

It emerged in the Havana and Matanazas provinces in Cuba at the end of the 19th century, as a combination between the drum rhythms from Congo and the Spanish flamenco.


Bachata is based on the guitar music, very popular in theDominican Republic. Though it is based on the flamenco rhythm, Bachata incorporated other types of music too: son, merengue, waltz, rancheta and even Argentine tango.

Bachata appeared in the marginal areas of the Dominican cities during the 50’s, the music was sung when people were coming home from a long day work. The instruments used were common objects that could be easily found in people’s back yards, including trash cans or fences.

In general songs’ subject is a one of romantic nature, being described feelings like sorrow or “the blues”.


Merengue Music is very different from one region to another and from a singer to another. The tempos are varied and Dominicans prefer to speed up the tempo towards the end of the song.

Structurally speaking, the music can be with two beats per measure (2/4) or with four beats per measure (4/4). From this point of view, merengue is not so different form other music styles, but the main difference is given by the specific instruments: tambora, saxophone and accordion.

cursuri de dans

DANCE CLASSES by Fiesta Cubana in Cluj – Napoca

Fiesta Cubana is the firs, and for now the only, Salsa Cubana school in Cluj-Napoca.

Why Cuban salsa?

Because it’s a free dance, filled with happiness, which makes us think about sun, warm weather and fun.

Dancing Salsa Cubana, you will always have the sun in your soul and with Fiesta Cubana every day will be a party!

Fiesta Cubana dance school was created, kind of in November 2010, together with the first Salsa Cubana introduction class, realized in collaboration with Salsa Caliente.

At that time we didn’t have a name yet, so we were calling ourselves Salsa Cubana Cluj .

After a lot of digging around, we concluded that the perfect name for us is FIESTA CUBANA, because salsa cubana is a cheerful dance which gives us freedom and makes us think about sunshine, seaside, hot weather and fun!

We started to dance Salsa Cubana because we wanted to “taste” salsa in it’s most traditional form, as it’s danced in Cuba .

Our first real meeting with salsa cubana was in January 2009, when we entered the casino world thanks to Miltos (Greece), who taught a salsa cubana introduction class, that was jus enough to infect us with the “a lo cubano” virus.

Since then we took advantage of every oportunity to fathom our Cuban knowledge . We had some help with tips and suggestions from Hamidine Thiam (France), Jose Rodriguez (Italy) and Luis Carlos Gonzalez Blanco (Cuba).

At the end of 2010 we decided to “try” a salsa cubana introduction class for possible future lovers of the Cuban style and we gathered a handful of “Cubans” they know who they are…

We desire Salsa Cubana to become as popular and danced in Romania as it is in the rest of the world, and we want to contribute actively to this outcome.

As we were saying, dancing Salsa Cubana, you will always have the sunshine in your soul and with Fiesta Cubana, every day will be a party!